Krista Kotwa

Number: #72
Position: Cutter
Years of Experience: 5 Years

Previous teams

  • Brock university (2008-2010)
  • PRODiGY (2011-2012)
  • Union (2013)
  • Capitals (2013)
  • U23 team Canada (2013)

I started playing ultimate in grade 9 gym class, but before this I was into track, 100m sprint to be exact! One of my teachers and friends decided that it was the year to start an ultimate frisbee team, and thus the journey began…. My friends all knew the way to win me over. BROWNIES! So with a tray of brownies in hand, I was convinced to join this new team. It consisted of 14 players all from a mix of other sports, excited to try something new. None of us knew the game other than the rules, and learnt by trial and error. I continued on playing like this till I was in 3rd year university. That’s when a captain of PPF (Rebecca MacPherson) that I went to school with, convinced me to try out for her team. Now I met a girl at this tryout named Jennifer LeRoux (Sound familiar?) Well, one thing led to another and her team PRODiGY needed subs for an upcoming tournament. I unfortunately didn’t get to play with them in that tournament, but Jenn was on the team and attended practices, and I joined in weekly. Now although I wasn’t on the team, I called myself “practice roster” as I was hoping to play with them eventually. Things worked out that summer! They didn’t have enough players for nationals, so I joined the team! I played with them for the following year in Victoria, BC. ALthough we didn’t finish top 8 I met some new friends, most importantly, Nat Wong… As summer ultimate came to a close, fall USA circuit started and Toronto decided to put a team in that Nat was playing on. This team was called OMG and was captained by Cory Galloway and Warren Tang. These two players were probably the most influential in my frisbee career, and have become close friends and supports to me since then. When this team was put together, it consisted of players from all over Toronto and Ottawa. It had players from BFC, Lotus, PRODiGy, UNION, etc. It was the most fun I had had in frisbee up until UNION started…2013 brought upon much ambition for myself, Jenn and her sister Stacey. I also tried out for the U23 Canadian team in November of 2012 but hadn’t made the cut. As the spring of 2013 approached I lined up to tryout for Union and Capitals ultimate. I faced some amazing players but luckily I made the cut on both teams! Also, while trying out for Union, the captains of the U23 team noticed me again, and offered me a spot! It was going to be a busy summer! So throughout the summer I balanced full-time school, U23 worlds team, Union, and Capitals (doing the USA circuit). I rounded up U23 worlds at the end of July with silver against USA in the finals. Union at the middle of August with a gold and a qualification to worlds in Lecco, Italy 2014. And Capitals was a great learning experience for me and I met some great new friends, unfortunately I couldn’t attend nationals in Texas as the finals of my schooling were the same week! So that brings us to the present… hopefully 2014 is as amazing as 2013!

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