Jacky Hau

Jacky is one of the newest and youngest players on the team.

He brings his passion for the sport every time he steps onto the field and isn’t afraid to battle anyone in the air.

Number: #15
Position: Cutter
Years of Experience: 2 Years
Nickname: Bling, Big Data

Previous teams

  • Union (2013)
  • Fresh (2012)

Jacky was born and raised in Scarborough. He was introduced to ultimate in his grade 12 gym class where he enjoyed playing and started to learn how to play the sport. He stopped playing after grade 12 and continued to play in 2011 where he join his first TUC league team (Erin’s Wolfpack). Touring started in 2012, where he tried out for Zen, but with the lack of experience and skill he didn’t make Zen. He trained and played lots of league in the summer to learn more of the sport to hope he make Zen the following summer. 2013 came around and tryout season was here. He did his best at tryouts and found himself on the Union roster.

Outside of frisbee Jacky enjoys playing other sports like soccer, basketball, squash and volleyball. If he is not playing a sport he is either playing video games, hanging out with his friends or just relaxing at home listening to music and surfing the Internet.

In order to pay for ultimate and everything else Jacky works at a Car detailing company, Catering company and a soccer camp. He loves to get involved and enjoyed meeting new people and learning new things.

I love Ultimate! . . i would like to thank a few people regarding my success so far in ultimate. Without these people I would not be where I am right now. I would like to thank Jacqueline Man, Amanda Chiu, Ron Siu, Kate Jardine, Aaron Kucherawy, Bryan Spekkers, Warren Tang, Amanda Moore, and Taylor Martin. These individuals helped me when tough times came around either it was during practice, a league game or in a crucial point during a big game. They were always there to help me come through for the team and always play my best.

Jacqueline Man: She is my other half on the field. Also, being called “Jacquie” on the field was the most frustrating thing sometimes. When our team calls “Jacky/Jacquie” when the disc is up the first reaction is we both look up and we find out half the time the disc is not for us. When I was ever in a bad mood or playing a bad game Jacqueline would always be there to cheer me up with either a smile on her face or we would do ridiculous amounts of give and goes the next point to get me back into the game that I can play. She is always there to keep me motivated and always telling me how much I’ve improved, and how proud she was of me and always having my back. Without her I wouldn’t be playing ultimate at this moment.

Amanda Chiu: Amanda was another person who always had my back, but in other ways. She sees me play a bad point(s) she pulls me to the side and gives me the talk that i need to hear to pick up my game and play to my full potential. She is always in a happy mood when she plays and just makes me enjoy the game every time i step on the field. Also, Amanda was the one who got me back into ultimate after my first year of tryouts. She knew i had potential and can improve a lot so she introduced me to my first touring team “FresH”. Without her i would not have toured and would of not got the experience i needed the following year. Without her motivation to go on with ultimate i would of not been on the fields today.

Ron Siu: Oh man I don’t know where to start with Ron. Ron was there for me since day 1. First league team I joined Ron was there to help me out with pretty much everything. I learned most of my ultimate from this player. For the past 2 years that I’ve been playing ultimate for I think every team that I have been on was with Ron. Without him my skill level would still be in the beginner level. He took his time and effort to teach me and help me improve my game and to be a better player.

Kate Jardine: One thing I learned this year with Union is to not mess with Kate. She always gives everything she has during practice and is always running. Even if she is injured she still manages to outrun me in every drill. She was the one that helped me at practice every week where ever i needed help. If it was with my cutting, throwing and positioning on the field. After seeing how she played during practice showed me how I need to be at practice to improve my game and show me what level of competition I will be competing at this summer. She taught me to always play hard and always give myself full confidence to what I am doing on the field.

Aaron Kucherawy and Bryan Spekkers: These two are the team monkeys. They supported me since the beginning of the season and to road to nationals. Both Aaron and Bryan took time to hang out with me a couple days before nationals to get my mind off the big week and to just to be calm. They really helped me keep calm and to focus and to be less nervous to upcoming games. These two are the reason I didn’t have butterflies in my stomach before every game because they brought the confidence in me to play the way they know I can. If i needed a laugh i went to these two and always will put a smile on my face. thanks boyz.

Taylor Martin: This year was my first nationals and I was very nervous and scared to play. Taylor saw me and knew how nervous I was. The night before nationals he calls me out with some other guys on the team to go tossing just to get ready for nationals and to get the bugs out early. Taylor spent almost 2 hours with me in the dark tossing and teaching me things that I would need to know how to do in games during the week. He gave me the confidence and encouragement to play my best throughout the tournament and to do whatever I can to help my team win. Without him I don’t think I would of played as well as I did at nationals this year.

Warren and Amanda: These two are my “ultimate mom and dad”. These two helped me the most during the summer with touring with pretty much everything from learning plays to giving me the “kick ass talk” at half time. Every tournament they would always ask if i was OK and if I needed help on anything. Always being there for any question I had to throw at them and coming out with the perfect answer all the time. They gave me all the motivation and encouragement I needed throughout the year to play my best and to ask as many questions and I needed too. These two never gave up on me. They were always there to take care of me on and off the field. Without them my experience with Union would not of been as amazing as it was.



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