10 Apr 2015
Friday, April 10, 2015

Union 2015

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So we’ve had a bit of a break. We dreamt of pizza and ACE gelato for many months. We relived our 7? 8? universe point wins, including the back-door to the game-to-go at USAU regionals — the game that secured our place in the USAU Select tier. Some of us used the time to take a trip to Dubai, and pick up some more hardware.

Break’s over.

Union is BACK in 2015 and we are hungry for more gold. We’ve been hitting the gym, practicing in the snow, and making new friends. We’ve been getting excited for another year of ladders, MFK, and playing the best mixed ultimate North America has to offer. Our season last year was an all-time high for many – competitively to be sure, but also in terms of the spirit of competition; Union finished 2nd in spirit at both the US Open and WUCC. We took pride in bringing hard work and a universal respect to all our games — and we’re looking to continue that tradition in a serious way:

UNION 2015
IMPLICATION: Represent Canada in London in 2016
METHOD: Tuesday practices + some weekend camps
VICTIMS: Boston Invite (June 20-21), US Open (Cincinnati July 2-5), Ontario Regionals (Barrie July 11-12), Pro-Elite Challenge (Colorado, Aug 1-2), CUC Nationals (Winnipeg, Aug 13-16).

We were thrilled to get another invite to go to the US Open – an exceptionally professional showcase of our continent’s best ultimate (which last year also had the best tournament party we’ve ever been to), and additionally to the Pro-Elite Challenge in Colorado – a first for us.

If you’re interested in seeing what we’re about and want to compete with us, our tryout sign-up form (and schedule) is here: http://www.playwithspirit.com/tryouts

Questions? Comments? Feel free to post below, visit us on facebook, or email us at union.ultimate@gmail.com

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