02 Jun 2015
Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Union 2015: Now with 250% more Unions

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Back in 2011, we put aside our differences to form a united Toronto mixed team, bringing together the three top Toronto mixed teams — Big Hammers, Monster, and Tundra. That experiment worked so well that this year, in the fine entrepreneurial spirit of a young Dr. Frankenstein, we worked to build in a few more.

We proudly present our 2015 list of Ladies and Lords, complete with former mixed players from Prodigy, MuD, Crash, Thunder, The Tribe, and Fresh (!!!). Oh, and maybe one or two imports:

Alex Boross-Harmer
Amanda Moore
Andy Kubinec
Andy Milne
Cameron Dunning
Catherine Pak
Dan Huynh
Dan Wong
Eamonn Pinto
Emma Seaborn
Eric Blanchard
Garlok “Steven” Lee
Heather Neary
Jenn Le Roux
Kate Jardine
Krista Kotwa
Lindsay Earle
Rhyin Newell
Ron Siu
Sarah Burke
Sky Powell
Thomas Black
TJ Reeds
Tro√ę Weston
Warren Tang
Practice Roster: Nadine Steenhoek

We’re excited to continue to practice, build, and sweat¬†together to become the most exquisite MFK players the world has ever seen. Our first test will be Boston Invite on June 20-21 in Devens.

Union Ultimate

P.S. Rumours of an FFF sighting may not be entirely exaggerated…

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